Impression first Campus Obstacle Run

Whilst a lot of people are working really hard to make the second Campus a great success, we can look back on the very first edition. The run was about the same length as the second edition, with 6.3 km, but there were only slightly more than half of the current number of obstacles, namely 12. This included a number of acquaintances who will be repeated this year, such as the indianenbrug over the water, the paalklim and several swingovers.

After all the promotion, including during the Kick-In, had been done and all materials had been purchased (60 meters of beams and no less than 1,800 meters of rope!), construction could finally start a day in advance. That turned out to be quite a task: work started at 10:00 and the route was only ready at 22:00. But the route was ready. About 100 participants would try to conquer the course the next day. The first group started at 12:00 and the first two people arrived after 35:18 minutes. At the end of the day, this turned out to be the winning time! Fortunately, not everyone was that fast and a number of groups enjoyed the run for just over an hour.

Then it was the turn of all the volunteers who helped make this run a success: now we could experience ourselves what was put down by ourselves. This showed that the winning time was a very fast time. Most members of Tartaros took longer. This year, we hope to make the second edition of the Campus Obstacle Run an even bigger success than the first, so sign up quickly, because you don’t want to miss this!

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Route announcement

Preparations for the 2nd Campus Obstacle Run are in full swing and meanwhile, the route is known and with it the obstacles! The 6.3 km long trail starts at the athletics track (UTrack) with a blind wall and then we walk along a small detour through beautiful parts of nature behind the Horst. When you arrive at Hengelosestraat you are halfway.

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