Route announcement

The preparations for the 2nd Campus Obstacle Run are in full swing and meanwhile the route has been decided and with that the obstacles! The 6.3 km long parcours starts at the athletics track (UTrack) with a blind wall and in continuation with a small detour we run through beautiful pieces of nature behind the Horst. Once you arrive at the Hengelosestraat you are halfway there.
This is of course not just running, there are also obstacles inbetween! About halfway through a big obstacle is built that we still keep secret for no

If you have survived the first half of the route the second, at least as heavy, part follows via the Calslaan along the Bosweg all the way to the furthest point of the Matenweg and then back to the sintelbaan for a spectacular final obstacle. Inbetween you wil run into multiple water obstacles, a tiger net, hurdles and much more.

In total, during the entire run, you wil conquer a whopping 19 obstacles with as icing on the cake the final obstacle, a quite difficult combination with a student touch. Look above for an impression of what is awating you at this obstacle!