How do you start well prepared for the Campus Obstacle Run?

If you’ve never run an obstacle run before, it might look like a big challenge at first. That’s what it is for the untrained person. That is why we have listed a number of tips so that you can start the Campus Obstacle Run optimally prepared! All these tips are put into practice every Wednesday at the training of D.S.S.V. Tartaros. For personal guidance during this training, you are welcome to come by 3 times every Wednesday at 20:00. During this training, we will provide strength and technique training for 1.5 hours, after which you can complete the run without worry. We assemble at the main entrance of the sports centre (which is located on the east side) at the University of Twente.


In general, close-fitting stretch clothing is worn during a survival/obstacle run. Preferably clothing that does not retain much moisture, because you will get wet during the run and if the clothing retains too much water you cool quickly. The standard equipment consists of trail shoes, socks over the ankles, a tight, a thermal shirt with long sleeves and a t-shirt over it. Of course, it is also possible to wear other clothes, but make sure that you put on long pants and that you wear multiple layers, regardless of the weather. Keep in mind that people are running off-road and that this makes walking harder than normal. Finally, it is wise to take a plastic/garbage bag with you to store your dirty things afterwards.

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Registration is open from today! You can now register via or on this site by clicking on “Subscribe” under the heading “Participants” in the menu at the top of this page. The costs are €9.00 for students and €15.00 for external parties. Make sure you register online on time, if you register on the day you will lose €3.00 more. You can indicate any additional wishes such as a preference for starting times or walking together with others in the comments field. Please note, registration is open until September 23, after which only day registration is possible!

If you still want to change things about your registration, send an email to

Did you know…

The Campus Obstacle Run, organized by survival run association D.S.S.V. Tartaros, takes place in 2 months, a good time to put some nice facts together!

  • Did you know that 1,290 meters of rope were used last year
  • 58 meters of beams have been used
  • 1,792 meters of rope have been ordered, it is cheaper in large trusses than per meter
  • Of the 1,792 meters, there are 902 meters of 12 mm thick strings, these are mainly extra safety strings
  • This year 30 meters of beams will be purchased
  • This year 9 extra obstacles will be realized
  • Despite the fact that only 56 meters of extra rope have to be bought
  • 2 large scaffolding constructions must be rented
  • 7 obstacles have to do with water
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