Starting times

The provisional starting times for 2016 are known! Please note, these can still change. The final starting times will only be published on the 29th of September. For questions or comments, you can mail to

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Do-group competition

The Kick-In has just ended and is still fresh in everyone’s memory. Everyone had a lot of fun, including during the “Bestorming van de Bastille”. But did you think it was a pity that no time was recorded during the “Bestorming”? Could you not measure your performance well against that of other do-groups or are you looking for a good time for a reunion? Then participate in the Campus Obstacle Run do-group competition!

If at least 4 people from your do-group sign up (and you state the name of your do-group and the fact that you are a do-group in the comments) then you also participate in this battle. Here you can measure yourself against the other do-groups and show that your do-group is really the best! Of course, as a do-group you still participate for the fastest time of all groups, so you can win two prizes. And because everyone is a student, you benefit from the student rate of € 9.00. Register now by clicking on “Subscribe” under the heading “Participants” in the menu at the top of the page.

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