Before the run

Make sure you’re present half an hour before you have to start. You’ll receive your wristband(immediately put this on your wrist, it will not be handed out more than once!) and you’ll get instructions about the run itself.


  • Our advice is to wear long, tight-fitting pants(tights) or long old sweatpants
  • Regardless the weather forecast it is advisable to wear multiple thin layers, preferably a thermal shirt. The run does contain water obstacles, this means you will get wet
  • Bring a plastic bag for you wet stuff after the run
  • There is no guarded storage for your stuff, but for €0,50 the sports centre offers lockers.

Start and finish area

The start and the finish take place on the UTrack, the running track on the University of Twente. The UTrack is located directly east of the sports centre, this link provides more info:

Drienerlolaan 5
(Building 49)
7522 NB Enschede


There will be a parking facility at campus of the University of Twente. Our advice will be to use parking P1 and P2. Next to the sports centre (building 49) there are just a few parking spots.

For more information about parking facilities and the campus click here.


At the sports centre of the University of Twente there will be enough showers available for participants of the obstacle run.


Spectators are welcome to cheer for the participants, you can follow the course by foot and on a bike. Try to pay attention no to hinder the participants, the participants always get priority over the spectators.