Frequently Asked Questions

This is the information regarding 2017’s edition. This will be updated in due course for 2018’s edition. 

  • What is a survivalrun/obstacle run?
    • A survival-/obstaclerun is a race in which the goal is to run a course with obstacles as fast as possible. These obstacles vary from climbing a rope to a palletbridge and from crawling through the mud to monkeybars. 
  • Can anybody try the run?
    • For the long distance experience with these kind of activities is strongly advised. The run is not just about running, but it also contains obstacles which vary in difficulty. The running part is to take a breather from all the obstacles. If you are able to run 6 km comfortably you should be able to compete in the short run. If you participate in a couple or a group it becomes easier, you’re then allowed to help each other!
  • Can I join your training to prepare for the obstacle run?8
    • Yes you can, you are welcome every Wednesday at 20:00 to join the weekly training of D.S.S.V. Tartaros three times. For 1,5 hours we will do some strength exercise and work on
      your technique, which is necessary to complete all the obstacles. We will meet at the main entrance of the sports centre at the University of Twente on the east side of the building.
  • Something else came up and I want to unregister, can I get a refund?
    • If you want to unregister you have to send an email to, containing all the information you entered when you registered. The earlier this is, the higher the odds are of getting a refund. Another option is to hand your spot to someone else, in this case you’ll have to arrange the payment with the other person yourself
  • I’d like to start at the same time as person X, is this possible?
    • At the registration form you can leave a comment in which you can specify which person(s) you’d like to start with. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a starting spot with the preferred person of your choice. However if you subscribe as a group you will start at the same time as that person and others in your group
  • At what time does the Campus Obstacle Run start?
    • The first participants will start at 11:00 and the last group will leave around 13:30. Keep in mind that on average the run will take 60-90 minutes. If you’ve got a preference for a starting time please leave a comment with your subscription.
  • I’d like to start at time X, is this possible?
    • At the registration form you can leave a comment in which you can specify at which time you’d like to start. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee a starting spot at the preferred time.
  • I missed the registration deadline, can I still participate?
    • Yes you can, you can register on the day of the run itself. The cost will be €3,- higher and you’ll be one of the last people to start. We’ll only accept payments in cash! On the campus you can find an ATM
  • When will you announce the starting lists?
    • At the latest they will be posted 3 days before the big day on startlijst UVP.
  • Where will you post the results afterwards?
    • These will be posted live during the competition on this site and the final version will be posted as soon as possible on this website and on Facebook.