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Registration is open from today! You can now register via or on this site by clicking on “Subscribe” under the heading “Participants” in the menu at the top of this page. The costs are €9.00 for students and €15.00 for external parties. Make sure you register online on time, if you register on the […]

Did you know…

The Campus Obstacle Run, organized by survival run association D.S.S.V. Tartaros, takes place in 2 months, a good time to put some nice facts together! Did you know that 1,290 meters of rope were used last year 58 meters of beams have been used 1,792 meters of rope have been ordered, it is cheaper in […]

Impression first Campus Obstacle Run

Whilst a lot of people are working really hard to make the second Campus a great success, we can look back on the very first edition. The run was about the same length as the second edition, with 6.3 km, but there were only slightly more than half of the current number of obstacles, namely […]

Route announcement

Route announcement

Preparations for the 2nd Campus Obstacle Run are in full swing and meanwhile, the route is known and with it the obstacles! The 6.3 km long trail starts at the athletics track (UTrack) with a blind wall and then we walk along a small detour through beautiful parts of nature behind the Horst. When you […]