To make sure the competition runs smoothly, there are some regulations.

At all times it is the responsibility of the participant to consider the traffic regulations. The traffic on the public roads has right of way.

Proof of subscription of participation is not transferable. The jury can demand a valid identity document.

Every participant needs to wear the wrist strap supplied by the jury. If the participant does not accomplish to complete an obstacle in the correct way, he has to hand over his strap to the jury and gets a penalty time of two hours.

The participant needs to wear his wrist strap in a visible way.

If the participant is not present in time, the jury decides whether or not he can still start, and if he gets a time penalty.

The route is marked by red-white tape. Deviating from the route is strictly forbidden, and may result in disqualification.

The obstacles mostly consist out of multiple lanes. The jury does not give a time compensation when all lanes are occupied. If possible, participants need to give right of way to participants who ran in on them.

The participants need to follow the instructions of the jury, recognizable by their shirt or safety vest, at all times.

All obstacles need to be completed without the support of others, except for encouragement and supplying nutrition. The participants can try to complete an obstacle as often as they want under condition that they do not obstruct other participants making their first attempt. Within teams and the couples it is allowed to assist each other. Accepting assistance from thirds may result in disqualification.

Participants are expected to behave sportsmanlike. Therefore it is not allowed to insult, discriminate or obstruct other participants, for example by physical or verbal aggression. Deliberately obstructing other participants may result in disqualification. Complaints about a jury decision can be made in writing within thirty minutes after finishing at the jury table.

It is forbidden to wear gear that may cause safety risks or damage to the track, for example spiked shoes or shoes with dangerous studs. Doing so may result in disqualification. This is to be assessed by the jury.

It is strictly forbidden to cause any danger or damage to participants, volunteers, visitors or obstacles.

In case of emergency every participant needs to help those who need it, either by applying first aid or by getting help from the nearest obstacle.

Littering is not allowed. Cups and other litter needs to be disposed in the supplied bins.

The participants need to get to their starting position ten minutes before they have to start.

The jury decides in the cases where these regulations are not clear.