Covid-19 regulations

Every participant over 13 years old (date of birth 12-12-2008 or earlier) will have to show a valid coronavirus entry pass and a valid form of ID (from 14 years old). This will be checked.

The ways to obtain a valid coronavirus entry pass can be found on the website of the government:

Starting times

The first participants will start at 10.00. The last group will start at 14:20. Keep in mind that most of the participants will need about 45-90 minutes to complete the 6km-run and about 60-150 minutes for the 9km-run.

The categories start in the following order: BSR – 9km heavy individual – 9km light individual – 9km light group – 6km individual – 6km group. Every 4 minutes, a group of 10 persons starts. The exact starting times will follow later, for now there is an indication per category:

  • 10.00 – 10.08: BSR
  • 10.08 – 12.04: 9km heavy individual
  • 12.04 – 12.16: 9km light individual
  • 12.16 – 12.44: 9km light group
  • 12.48 – 13.04: 6km individual
  • 13.08 – 14.20: 6km group

Award ceremony

There will be no central award ceremony; the covid restrictions don’t allow this. However, there are prizes (1st up to 3rd place) for the following categories, which will be awarded later (after the day of the run).

  • BSR men and women, separate ranking for 40+ and 50+
  • 9km heavy individual, men and women
  • 9km light individual, men and women
  • 6km individual, men and women

Checking in before the run

Make sure you’re present half an hour before your starting time to check in and to receive, among others, your shirt and your wristband (put it on immediately, it will only be handed out once!). You’ll also get some instructions about the run.

NB: don’t come earlier than necessary! The covid restrictions prescribe that at least 5 m2 per person should be available at the start/finish area. So please don’t come earlier than needed.


  • Our advice is to wear long, tight-fitting pants (a tight) or long old sweatpants. Further, (trail) running shoes are advisable, preferably with a lugged sole. Spikes or dangerous studs are not allowed!
  • You receive a polyester sports shirt when checking in. This should be worn as outer layer, because the colour and the number are of importance for the jury and for the time registration. When the temperatures are low, it is wise to wear a thermal shirt under the sports shirt. Your feet will get wet during the run, and possible more than only your feet.
  • Bring a plastic bag for your wet stuff after the run.

Start and finish area

The start and finish take place at the ‘Evenementenveld’, the field on the right of the Drienerlolaan (the central entrance lane of the University of Twente) immediately after the main entrance of the UT:

Drienerlolaan 6
7522 NB Enschede


There are parking facilities on the campus of the University of Twente. We advise to use parkings P2 and P3.

For more information about the parking spots and the buildings, click here

Shower facilities

In sports centre of the University of Twente, there are enough showers that can be used by participants. Please leave the dressing rooms neat and don’t rinse your clothes or shoes under the shower; take your dirty clothes home in a plastic bag.

Luggage storage

At the start and finish area, there is a storage space for luggage. It is not known yet whether it will be guarded.


Spectators are not welcome to cheer for the participants unfortunately. This is not allowed due to the covid restrictions. However, for very young participants, a parent is allowed to follow his/her child by bike.